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Celebrate North Seattle  An experimental gathering that began in the summer of 2010.  It all started by walking the streets for weeks, asking business after business if they wanted to participate in a positive community gathering. We were fueled by the stubborn belief that Aurora does have good things to offer, Those who showed up that day were proof.. What started out as a modest gathering with about 300 folks grew into 2,000+ attendees with all sorts of local businesses, non-profits, churches and community groups. Live music, food trucks, and a huge kid's carnival filled the Oak Tree Plaza for an afternoon, a bright spot of hope for the future. 

NORA Holiday Market A smaller, pop-up experimental Holiday Market hosted for the first time in December of 2021. This time it was specifically for local makers.. Again, about 300 folks came out on an impossibly sunny afternoon, enjoying local coffee, sweet waffles and buying handcrafted gifts from 12 vendors.  We released our first design for the Shop Local Tote and were so thrilled to give them away to so many of you! 

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