Our organization formed in 2015 out of a strong belief in 3 things: the power of human connection, the importance of neighborhoods, and a strong commitment to Aurora Avenue as a place.

While we are fully aware that Aurora is actually a state highway, we simply could not overlook the small businesses, non-profits, neighbors and drivers that dotted the length of the corridor.

I guess you could say: we couldn't overlook the people. 

Our roots and initial mentoring came from local faith communities as to how to engage the many people who make daily use of Aurora. We leaned on principles of asset based community development, seeking to bring only new things that were needed. To experience transformation from the neighborhood, for the neighborhood. After a few summers of the newly created Celebrate North Seattle event, we launched a small non-profit in 2015 with hopes to pursue more like-minded initiatives.

We focus in three areas: small business support, community events, and art /placemaking. Together, we are building a place we're proud of.  Will you come and be a part of the story?



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See how our community is being transformed through the arts.